I do not travel all over the world to exotic locations with famous  people,  I don’t drive a Mercedes-Benz,  I don’t have millions in the bank, I don’t drink champagne nor do I own a yacht ( I get sea-sick anyway), my closest friends aren’t celebrities or posh people, they are sincere, fun and what I would call a ‘real’ friend and I love doing life with them, I don’t have hundreds and hundreds of ‘friends’ (and I say that lightly because there’s another blog on: “Who are your ‘real’ friends”), I have the challenges in life that everyone does ..and I am  still very happy and love my life..

Here are just 9 points that I’ve learned about living well: Continue reading DO YOU LIVE WELL?


Never get so ‘busy’ making a living that you forget to make a ‘life’. Oooh, how true is this one? Rick and I are at this place right at this point…We are consistently reminding ourselves that we cannot get yesterday back but we can make the most of today, tomorrow and the next day and the next day if we want! It’s totally our choice!


'LOVE IS A POWERFUL WORD'This is more of a personal blog on my behalf.  As I was walking along the beach this morning, this particular song played  and it always brings a tear to my eye.  WHY?  Because I had always thought that I was the one that lost out on having a good relationship with my mum, but now I know that ‘my mother’ is the one that lost out big time! Continue reading THINGS I WOULD LIKE TO TELL MY MUM BUT CAN’T….


Isn’t it lovely when people love each other and respect the opinions of others – it would make so much difference to the world and would conquer a lot of the disunity and fighting that is going on at the moment..I always love to refer back to when we had our lovely Harrybear for 16 years (our dog), dogs have an ‘unconditional’ love for everyone and everything. Even though this unconditional love comes from a dog, we as humans can take note from it and use it in our everyday lives…..and see what happens even in your own life….


When I first got married,  I was a person that didn’t ask many questions, I was very inhibited and naive.  I mistakenly believed that as a good person or a  leader, I should know the answers to everyone’s  questions.  As a result, I adopted the ridiculous attitude of “fake it ’til you make it.” Unfortunately, that caused me to do a lot of faking but very little making. That kind of teaching is really false and misleading in our world today and so many times I have seen devastation in people’s lives financially from doing this! Continue reading I LOVE ASKING QUESTIONS!!! DO YOU?

Just A Thought!

Just a thought!

I was having a bit of a think today…….
People who really don’t care what others think rarely say: “I don’t care what others think” – but people who really do care what others think often say  – “I don’t care what others think”
Personally I think it’s good to care what others think; without being offended by what others think.
Just a thought…….


“What do you do once you have fulfilled your dream?”

That is a good question because for many people after reaching their ultimate goal, they end up taking a nose dive. You may have noticed this especially in the sporting arena where a team may play at an exceptional level to win the championship. Only to find that the following year with same players and the same coach they struggle to win a game. Continue reading POWERING BEYOND THE DREAM

Quote To Live By:

matchesLife is way too short to get caught up with regrets, politics, bad attitudes and just plain negative stuff! Make the most of your life and make it count. Bless others, smile everyday, no regrets, live everyday to the fullest, believe for greater things, many new adventures still to come and most of all believe in yourself and put others first!


Are the people you are connecting with stretching you and taking you where you want to go?

You may remember the old saying:

“It’s not what you know but who you know that really counts”.

John C Maxwell who is one of the world’s premier teachers on leadership puts it this way:

“You level of success in life will always be determined by those who you associate with”. Continue reading HOW ARE YOUR CONNECTIONS?