No Coffee Snobs Allowed, Just Give Me My Bloomin’ XX ‘HOT’ Latte…

On our trip to Melbourne recently which we absolutely loved, there were a few things that really bothered me about this coffee ‘snob’ culture in Melbourne that we had heard so much about and I would love to talk about it.   There were two more things that made my eyebrows lift with slight shock and they were the amount of homeless people on the streets of Melbourne and the absolutely huge amount of people who were smoking! I will discuss the latter two in another blog  as ‘coffee talk’ can go on forever….lol

When you first take a glimpse of the Melbourne City, you see lots of amazing shops and hundreds and hundreds of cafe’s and quirky restaurants.  The city is a vibe of people eating, buskers playing throughout the city, people rushing from here to there, lights galore and I actually love this kind of vibe (for a while anyway)..I am for peace and quiet really but it is nice to have this every now and then.

If you were born in Melbourne does that automatically make you a coffee snob? Have you ever considered what pressure the espresso machine is set to? Or if those beans are single origin? Melbourne’s coffee culture is renowned and has even created icons of its own, Pellegrini’s for example. We don’t know if Melbourne has the best coffee in the world but we do know it has some of the most enthusiastic coffee drinkers.

What we found (and we were mainly in the city and Williamstown but going by just these couple of places, I couldn’t see Melbourne having a vast variety of milks for coffee, there may have been different types of milks outside of the cities but my guess is ‘no they wouldn’t have either’ because many barista’s looked at us with a blank look on their face when I asked if they had ‘lactose free milk’.  I’m sure some of them hadn’t even heard of ‘lactose free’ – ughhhh!!!  The three main milks were:  Normal, Skim & Soy!  Wow, Melbourne I think you need to move forward in your milk areas.

What happened to Almond Milk, Zymill (Lactose Free), Organic Milk, Non-homogenized milk, Raw Milk, Goats Milk, Rice Milk – and the list can go on and you ONLY offer normal, skim and soy milk??? …lol

Come on Melbourne, your tainting your reputation as the famous coffee culture city!  Milk is getting like coffee these days with so many to choose depending on the individuals needs – the mind definitely can spin with decisions..

There are so many different styles of coffees these days also, way too many to list here in a blog, believe me, you would get bored reading through them all and milk is no different these days.

The other thing that surprised us was that when asking for a Latte (which we always say ‘extra, extra HOT ‘ or lately we have been saying volcanic ‘HOT’), we found many waitresses looked at us as if we had two heads! How dare we ask for our coffee ‘extra HOT’ – that’s not how you drink coffee, therefore I (the barista) am going to make it how it should be!!!  Wrong!

If we are paying them to drink their coffee how ‘WE’ like it, they can make it how ‘WE’ want!!  I think that is fair, don’t you?

The ‘Melbourne- eonites’ are procrastinating with changing their coffee snobbery!  They believe that coffee should not be ‘HOT’, it should be warm (or maybe they think it’s hot), but reality needs to unveil their eyes that it is not ‘HOT’ and so therefore they need to change and change their milk IQ as well.  I would have thought that being such a cold city for most of the year, that the people in Melbourne would love their coffees really hot due to it going cold so quickly, but ‘no’, I feel they are going to stick to the Melbourne coffee snobbery no matter what and who am I to change them!!

We were talking to one of our local awesome cafe owners Tammy who is one of the owners of Siroccos in Ballina – who I might say have the best coffee of all time and they make it exactly how you want ‘HOT’ and she was saying that she had heard on the radio that a particular cafe in Sydney (and apparently many more were going to follow) will ONLY serve ‘normal’ milk in coffees now – nothing else, not even skim or soy!  WRONG!! They will lose massive amounts of business and they are stupid for even thinking like this!

People love their coffees, they love sitting in the ambiance of a cafe, you can tell also by the amount of people you see walking around with a takeaway coffee in their hands – it’s a huge social market and it will get a lot bigger – so Cafes – you better get organized to cater for the people because the people know how they want their coffees, that’s for sure and if they don’t get want they want, there are plenty more cafes to choose from!! It’s a bit like technology, you have to keep moving forward and changing with the times.

How do YOU like your coffee?

I have put a little video on here (please excuse a couple of swear words) but it depicts just how complicated our coffee orders are getting!!…lol  Enjoy a good laugh and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.

Much love always,


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