Ever Thought About Building A Home Out Of Shipping Containers?

Rick and I have thought for a long time now that if we decided on some beautiful acres somewhere out bush with rolling hills, where all you could see would be the cows, horses and wildlife roaming free and how wonderful would that be  to design your own home out of shipping containers.  These are blank canvases for you and your imagination, how amazing these could look if we sat down and thought about it.  But not only that, how much cheaper the whole process would be compared to having a house built or buying an existing home.  As they are becoming more and more popular amongst  our culture, the simplicity of the whole process would work well for us, just so long as the local council within that area would approve them.  We have seen them for sale already manufactured as a dwelling and which is about 4.8 metres x 6.0 metres all decked out with bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and lounge room with timber floors for about $28,000.  Still cheap as chips!

Do your homework in finding reputable shipping container businesses that will fill your every expectation you have in mind.  The ideas of creating a home out of these metal bins can be quite amazing!

  1. How to purchase the correct shipping containers:    Make sure you choose a reputable supplier and check with previous owners who have also built homes out of shipping containers if you can.
  2. The importance of building regulations and planning:   This is important to check with your councils in your areas to see what regulations or stipulations they may have for your areas.
  3. Finding a contractor with previous experience:  Make sure when you pick your builder, so to speak, ask to see lots of others that they have done as well so that you can inspect their handy work, maybe speak to the existing owners for a more personal view on how their build went.

Pick A Style To Suit Your Land:

I should imagine that you would want to get the insulation done very well for the heat and the cold and to also stop condensation as well.

Inside Designs Are Amazing!

How about a kitchen:

Or your master bedroom:

Or the bathroom:

Or what about making a swimming pool out of a shipping container?

If you’re looking for a unique way to create a one of a kind swimming pool on your property, have you considered a modified shipping container? At around 2.4m in height and width, and anywhere from 6 -12m in length, a converted shipping container can be an easy solution for a portable, plug and play swimming pool.  Some requirements before moving ahead with this type of structure would be:

  • 1.   Planning permission
  • 2.  Someone with a structural engineering background on hand to help out with the planning as well.
  • 3.  Ways to make the container watertight.
  • 4.  Plumbing requirements that will also make it safe to swim in.

Here’s some inspiration of designs within a shipping container:

There is so much inspiration out there if and when you are interested in venturing into something like this.  When looking into the pricing more, you can purchase shipping containers from around $2,000 upwards.  There are quite a few different scenarios for what you want to buy it for though.   They generally come in 10 ft, 20 ft and 40 ft long.

All the very best and thanks for taking the time to read this:




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