SINGAPORE – Through My Eyes!

After recently spending 10 days in the stunning city of Singapore, I was totally blown away with many of its attributes.  I had only ever been in transit in Singapore due to traveling to other Asian countries but never actually set foot outside Changi Airport.

My first impression of this great city was that it was so clean.  They seemed pedantic with cleaning streets, gardens, handrails, glass and just about everything else.

Singapore is actually an island which is connected to Malaysia by a bridge and it would take around 3 hours to drive there. On the other side of Singapore, is Indonesia. Two countries that are predominantly Muslim do not seem to have any effect on Singapore at all.  In fact, the Muslim people that we met in Singapore where absolutely friendly and polite and very open-faced.

The other thing that totally impressed me was how many gardens and flowers are around Singapore.  They are all beautifully kept as well.  Even though it seems like a concrete city, it has so much greenery that intertwines throughout the streets, parks and malls.

Another fantastic factor about Singapore is that it is so safe.  It wouldn’t matter how late in the night or morning you walk the streets, you would be safe!  That’s a real bonus for me in a city these days..(not that I’m out in the streets late at night, but always a great feeling to know that you will be safe)

It is the fastest growing nation in the world and was almost NOT affected by the G.F.C which had a devastating effect on most nations throughout the world.

The Singaporeans are out to please others and have so much respect for each other.  I think our nation Australia and many other countries can learn from how Singapore operates.

They are tech savvy and if you had a business in Singapore, you would have to be moving forward with it because right at your back door is someone else moving forward and beyond with something more innovative and creative! That’s just how they are – always moving forward!


1.  Singapore is only a very small space.   North – South would take you around 1/2 hour to drive and East – West would take you around 1 hour to drive to the other side, so everything in Singapore is relatively close and public transport is easy to catch and find.  There is Taxi’s (which seems like thousands – and probably is), the MRT (underground rail service which is extremely fast and reliable) and lots of public buses.  All these continually are taking people to destinations within Singapore and all operate in a courteous and well organized manner.

2.  If you wanted to buy a vehicle in Singapore, this is part of the process for the privilege of being able to drive on their roads.

(a)  Apply for the C.O.E. (Certification of Entitlement) which will cost you anywhere around $60,000 – $100,000.  This only last for 10 years, after this, they sell the car for scrap and get very little for it and then they have to go and buy another one and do the whole process all over again.  Singapore don’t allow any cars older than 10 years on their roads…

(b)  The cost of the car. For example: Buying a Toyota Corolla could cost you around $80,000 – $100,000! What we call The Bug (a V.W. here in Australia) you could expect to pay around $150,000 in Singapore for one of these! (I can hear you saying ‘wow, really’ !!!)

(c)  Then there is another cost of around $3,000 to register your car to be able to drive it on the roads in Singapore.

It is extremely expensive to drive a car on the roads as they do not have a lot of space to drive anywhere, so the majority of Singaporeans mostly catch public transport which is cheap and excellent.  They also drive in a very organized manner.  I feel I could easily drive in Singapore without any problems at all.  In saying all of this, there are some very, very expensive cars in Singapore like Maserati, Mercedes, BMW, Lamborghini and the list goes on….

3.  You can drink the water in Singapore.  Like many other Asian countries, you cannot drink their water. 70% of Singapore’s water is pumped from Malaysia and the other 30% – the Singapore Government have created a way to treat their water from the ocean and make it safe to drink.  Believe me, their water is beautiful to taste and drink!  What astounds me how creative and innovative Singapore is with forever changing and moving forward!

4.  We have some wonderful friends in Singapore and we were asking them if Singapore had ‘homeless people’, ‘drugs or alcohol’ problems as we didn’t see anything like that while we were there. Their answer was basically ‘NO’. If they do; if would be very, very miniscule and would be dealt with straight away! Everyone in Singapore seems to love their Government.  It’s not corrupt like most of the others and it has a real heart for its people.  Singapore still has the ‘death’ penalty and because it is a city of discipline which comes from the top – the Government – people know and respect this.  You can see it working extremely well amongst the Singaporeans.  They are polite, friendly, clean and very well-mannered.  They strive to do their very best!

5. Singapore is the most blessed nation in the world.  They have a population of around 5 Million and 20+% of that population are Christians.  You do the maths!  That’s more than 1/5 of the population!  That is astounding figures and this is why I believe that is a blessed nation.  One of the largest Churches in Singapore which is called New Creation Church – Ps. Joseph Prince (known all around the world) has between 43,000 – 45,000 attendees in his Church on any given Sunday amongst all the locations.  If you mentioned to anyone that you are a Christian and they weren’t, they wouldn’t look at you like you had two heads or scorn at you as a ‘weird’ person, it very normal and accepting in Singapore!  Hence, the blessing on this incredible city!  Something like 150 Churches and big churches most of them are!

6.  Another thing that sat high on my list was that 99.9% of the men and woman in Singapore looked and dressed morally.  I’m sure there could be a sleazy side to Singapore somewhere, but things like this are not out there in front of you all the time.  It was so refreshing to see men and woman being ladies and gentlemen, dressed beautifully both of them.  I very rarely sore any tatts on men and women and most of the ones I did see were tourists visiting Singapore.  They definitely had respect for others which was so refreshing to experience.  I think for Australia, we are loosing respect in many ways from others and from our Government.

7.  We actually sore these condo’s when we were cruising on our DUCK tour on the river.  95% of people in Singapore live in public housing as property is very, very expensive to buy and rent.  These condo’s here are private condo’s and would average around $2,000,000+ to purchase one of these babies.  Rents are also extremely expensive.  To be honest, I do not know how some of them live! 

8.  When we stayed at the Marina Bay Sands, we could see down one way the hundreds and hundreds of ships that were parked in the waters.  EVERYTHING gets shipped into Singapore as they do not have any farming land whatsoever.  I guess this is why most people say that Singapore is so expensive.  Yes, it is for some things we found like properties and vehicles but for food I thought it was on far with Australia.  Clothing also can be expensive.  You will not find ‘copies’ like you can in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and many other Asian countries.  This is against the law in Singapore.

I thought I would finish up my blog with a short video of Singapore. Singapore has come a long way in its last 50 years of Independence.  It is a country that is fast pace and moving forward constantly.  I would have to say that it is the best country that I have ever visited!

Happy Travels and do make sure that you put Singapore on your bucket list if you haven’t already been there.  If you’ve been there before, go again just like we are going to do!…lol


Trish x

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