I have  been working with Jo Barnes for nearly 3 years now and I have found her to be one of the most down to earth Social Media ‘experts’ in her field. She is from the UK but is living her dream lifestyle in Thailand and working her business from her verandah that portrays absolutely stunning views of the ocean.

Whether you use Facebook for business or just socially, this course will help you so much.  Her courses are of high value and you get so much honesty from Jo.  Jo is who she is, no airs and graces at all and that’s what I love about working with Jo and her team.

I ‘HIGHLY’ recommend Jo and all of her trainings and you also get an absolutely quality amount of information (video’s, PDF’s, anything that you could ever want to help you with any aspects of Social Media). She has a special on just at the moment with her Facebook Domination 2014 only which includes trainings for all levels for just $47 until the August 31st.  It is normally $97.

Below you will find all the downloads and links for the course. Any updates to this product will be added here and will be labelled as such, so feel free to pop back at anytime to check for updates, but we will notify you by email also!

Please note this course was originally planned as a live course only including 6 webinar sessions over 3 weeks. However following feedback from the first live webinar I decided to split the sessions into 3 modules over the


Module 1 -Beginners.

Module 2 – Intermediate.

Module 3 – Advanced.



Each Module will contain detailed video training walking you through all of the steps to truly master facebook in 2014 and beyond and will also contain the 2 live webinar replays and any associated documents / links.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

Module 1 – Beginners – Building Your Facebook Page:  From creating your page to posting your first content, getting your first likes, understanding your page and the types of content you should be publishing to attract Likes, Engagement & Conversions.

Module 2 – Intermediate – Growing Your Likes, Engagement & ConversionsAn introduction to Facebook Ads, how to create basic campaigns, a deeper exploration of how to get Likes, Engagement and Conversions, how to create a simple list building funnel and a true understanding of how to market on Facebook.

Module 3 – Advanced – Monetizing Facebook: From creating your instant sales funnel, to re-targeting, custom audiences, audience building strategies, understanding graph search and how to create profitable ad campaigns.

Happy Social Media Networking,


Trish Ledingham

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