People who are successful in any endeavor have “become something” well before they actually received their prize or achieved their goal.

Any athlete would know that to win an Olympic Gold medal they must first go through the process of “becoming” world class.

The truth is,  in life it is more important who you become than what you are getting. Most people are busy trying to get something rather than desiring to become someone.

For instance, if you are always trying to get a better job,  get a better partner, get a better lifestyle,  get people to do what you want them to do or get more money, you may be only finding frustration.

Rather than ‘GET’, why not change your paradigm and concentrate on BECOMING! The world we live in today demands everything NOW!  It just wants to – GET!!

People want to get rich quick without becoming the type of person who can hold and retain their wealth.

Greater success in anything is the effect of becoming someone different, someone who has developed themselves though time, challenges and change.

Determination of Challenge

Whenever you seem to be failing, rather than blaming or changing exterior things, why not ask yourself a better question such as:

 “How can I change and learn from this?”

Questions like this produce greater results as they allow you to change and therefore produce a different outcome in “GETTING” the thing you desire.

To sum up one could say:


Happy Becoming!

Rick Ledingham

Author, Speaker & Motivator

Rick Ledingham

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