Pinterest Love

Can anybody relate to this?Are you a big travel planner have certain hobbies that you are passionate about?

For me, if I want to find any photo or any particular thing that may be of interest, 95% of the time I will go to Pinterest.

I have a girlfriend who’s daughter got married and learn’t all her tips and inspiration off PinterestHow good is that?

Want to know how to use Pinterest for planning your next trip?

Instead of using Google, Facebook or a guide book, Pinterest is also a great resource for travel information, and of course inspiration!

What did we do before Pinterest came along?

If you’re like me, in the past you collected travel magazines or brochures from the travel agent and highlighted text and ripped out photos to pin to a cork board. Did you also create vision boards or “bucket lists” on large sheets of cardboard? I did.

I relate to this as well, do you?

Now I use Pinterest.  Another cool feature of this social media site is that you can upload a ‘Pinterest Pin’ for your toolbar and this will allow you to pin pictures etc straight to your pinterest account.

What I love about Pinterest, and what separates it from say Facebook and Instagram, is that things stay where I put them and are easy to find again, for me and others.

Also, for the most part, photos are linked back to the blog or website that they originated from. These pinned photos can therefore open up a world of valuable travel information.

By creating my boards into topics, and then pinning photos and blog posts to those boards, I can easily organize and categorize my travel planning and travel tips.

New to Pinterest?

In a nutshell, you create ‘boards’ on a specific topic and you ‘pin’ photos to those boards you’ve found on other websites, your own blog, or uploaded from your computer.

You can follow other users’ boards, browse through their photos and ‘repin’ the ones you like to your own boards. How’s that for organization?

Pinterest is such a great platform for dreaming AND travel planning.

“A pictures tells a thousand words” as they say, and there is no better way to inspire a trip and stir emotion than through travel photos or ideas of inspiration.

There are essentially four phases of travel – Dream, Plan, Experience, Share.  Pinterest fits perfectly not only with the dream phase, but also with the planning, experiencing and sharing phases. Photos are great for inspiring, but it’s the linked to information that allows us to take action.

For example, you could be planning a trip to Thailand like my husband and I are. These type of things can become very helpful for people that may be going to do the same trip to that country.

Create boards called:

  • Where to eat in Thailand
  • Places to stay in Thailand
  • Things to do in Thailand
  • Shopping in Thailand
  • Walks in Thailand
  • Museums in Thailand
  • Free stuff in Thailand

Or you could create a board for each city or country you plan to visit. Then repin beautiful photos and blog posts to those relevant boards.

There is so much I can say on my passion for Pinterest and maybe I will discuss more later, but for now I read this little quote the other day and really related to it:  “Social Media is about building relationships.  It is the new old way of doing business”……
Happy Pinning!
Trish Ledingham
S:      trish.120

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