Can you relate to these styles?
Can you relate to these styles?

My wife Trish and I often go for walks early in the morning and I can’t help it but notice the many weird and wonderful walking styles people have.

Some tend to lean forward like they are walking up hill of against a strong wind, others stagger from side to side like a cowboy that’s just dismounted off his horse. Then you have those who lean back like they’re walking up a hill and others who walk like they have glue stuck on the bottom of their shoes.

Don't you hate it when this happens?

As I was having a laugh at the different walking styles people had, it suddenly dawned on me that a person cannot see how they walk, in fact I said to my wife that maybe I have a funny walk and don’t know it, because I can’t see the way I walk!

She told me that in fact I do have a very funny walk. I tend to walk with my elbows out like a gorilla and my ankles bend in due to my flat feet.  Wow! I’ve have a got one of the funniest walk but I can’t see it myself.

It made me realize this is so very common in everything about us and in everything we do. We can’t see the way we walk but it is so easy to see and be critical of the way others walk out their lives, businesses and organizations.

It quite normal though, in fact we all do it, although I don’t think it is always a bad thing.

It’s so easy to see from the outside but it is difficult to see from the inside.

We all live our lives not being able to see the way we are walking in life or in business as clearly as others can.

At this point I could start being judgmental with myself and others saying how we need to not be so critical of others when we can’t see what we are doing wrong ourselves, but this is not what I desire to highlight.

In fact it is quite the opposite, because from this knowledge we can draw something extremely positive and very helpful in so many ways.

I believe we all need people from outside of our lives that we trust enough let us know how we are walking in life.  Why? Because they can see how we walk and we can’t.

We all need people from outside of our marriages, businesses, churches or associations to be able to come and give us an honest assessment of how we are walking.

Many organizations go on for years wondering why they are not increasing their profit margin, producing more followers or being more affective because they have not thought of the obvious.

“You can’t see how you are walking only others can do that”

Many marriages get stale because couples keep making the same mistakes and doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

Whether it be a business, church, marriage or a social club, in time we all get caught within a certain culture where we lose our ability to see beyond. The truth is,  it’s not our fault in fact it’s not the fault of anyone, it’s just the way it is. We need others outside to help us because they see differently and can see what we can’t see. It is as simple as that, we can’t see the way we walk.

Within my Expansive Lives Seminars I still have a Business Analysis Package where I Interview everyone within the company from CEO to all levels of management and employees where necessary and at the end provide them with a Complete Business Analysis Summary.

                “Complete Business Analysis Summary”

                      If you’re interested check it out here:


This doesn’t mean that I am more intelligent than that business owner or that I know more about that persons business than they do;  it just means that I am someone who is on the outside with a desire to help them see what they cannot see through no fault of their own.

It’s just the way it is!

Wouldn’t it be an excellent idea for every person, couple, business or church to have a coach or a mentor who could come along occasionally and give them an honest non partial evaluation which would assist them to see what they cannot see?

Why?  Because we can’t see the way we walk, we need others to help us!

Just a thought……….

All the best,

Rick Ledingham



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